Dear Parents, Guardians and well wishers,

Praise the Lord!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We are living in the 21st Century which is often regarded as an era of continuously developing technology as a result the entire Education System in India has changed drastically, these changes have made the development of a student even better as the new electronic gadgets assist both the teacher and the taught to improve skills and promote Excellence. Teaching is a very important activity it is the base on which any nation and culture can flourish it is a noble profession which demands nothing in return. Educating the young is indeed an uphill and challenging task which our knowledgeable faculty members do with utmost care in order to achieve new bench marks. We strive for Excellence,keeping discipline as a watchword for all our achievements.

Robert M. Hutchins has rightly said “The Objective of Education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives” We understand well that Students today possess Capabilities of the mind that are literally beyond genius, if they are guided in the right direction they will advance confidently in life, fulfilling their dreams and achieving their deserving success which is possible only with the help of discipline, dedication and effective planning.

In our selfless service to mankind we offer the best facilities possible. We solicit your valuable cooperation in grooming your children into reliable, responsible and confident young men and women.
My heartfelt thanks to the parents, teachers, students and our well wishers for their continued support and co-operation.

With warm Regards and good wishes,

Mrs. Amelia James
Don Bosco School, Jhansi