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About our School

Don Bosco was born on 16 th August 1815. He began to teach Catechism at the age of 5 and receive his first Holy Communion at the age of 11. He entered Seminary at 20 and become a Priest when he was 26 years old and after completing his work on earth he became one with Christ and died at the age of 72. His most cherished dreams was to destroy sin and make God known, served, adored and loved by everyone and in every place. “He was an exemplary Teacher” and is hailed as one of the greatest teachers of his time, he developed teaching methods based on love. He taught his Students to face hard times with courage, fortitude and trust in God. He was very intelligent, courageous and warm hearted with lively personality that allowed him to infuse Life and Love in all his students. He taught his students to be courageous and fearless, his famous saying was “If you wish to do something most pleasing to God help in the Education of the young”. Don Bosco cherished desire while he was on earth was to destroy sin, make God known, served, adored and loved more and more by everyone. Don Bosco died on 31 st January 1888 at the age of 72 years. He was canonized by Pope Pius XI on 1 st April 1934.


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Students in the modern world are like clay. It is a great task to mould them into better human beings. For this, practical knowledge along with theoretical expertise is of utmost importance. Extra curricular activities, in the early age helps them turn out to be brighter than ever. Technology has helped a great deal in the field of extra activities and our institution leaves no stone unturned to try and provide the best of the best.

Music classes in Don Bosco School, Jhansi start at primary level. Children are taught different Ragas, Sur TaI (Note reading), Classical, Semi classical, Folk, Songs and Bhajans, Students are trained to play various instruments like the Harmonium, Tabla, Synthesizer, Guitar, Sitar, Bongo, Triple Conga, Drum, Tambourine and Manjheera. The school has a choir and a band which represents the school at various occasions. Students are trained in various dance forms like Bundeli (Bundelkhand), Bhangra (Punjab), Chapeli (Himachal Pradesh) and Kathak. There is adequate space to train about 20 to 25 students in music and dance at a time.

Art and Craft teach children to learn in a different way and bring out the latent creativity of a child. Emphasis is laid on various types of Art and Craft activities:-
(a) Card making.
(b) Paper collage.
(c) Origami.
(d) Pencil sketching.
(e) Clay modeling.
(f) Glass Painting.
(g) Paper Bags Making.
(h) Making of Wall hangings.

    Summer: 8:00 am – 1:30 pm
    Winter: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

    School timings are subject to change on DM’s order, in view of the prevailing weather conditions.